Learn to build a real web application in a team

Actual product development in a team, from user interviews to deploying code. Free to participate, and streamed live.

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Code review

An application is more than a couple lines of code

Building a web application consist of multiple steps, and being a good developer is more than just knowing code.

UX research

Web development is team work

Working on a project alone does not prepare you for working at a company.

Mob programming

We are working as a mob, with only one person at a time operating the computer and the rest of the group discussing what to do.


Instead of blindly duplicating an existing application, we will start with user research and UX design, and end with production-ready deployment.

Agile approach

We introduce frameworks step by step when they are actually needed. This way you will also understand why these frameworks are used.


Who is this for?

Junior developers preparing for the first job

Already finished a boot-camp or a couple of months of self-training? Get a real-life project under your belt and build a network of like-minded people.

Product managers learning to code

Bring your own features to life and learn first-hand about the easy and hard parts of software development.

Developers on the way to Full-Stack

Learn everything needed to envision, develop, and deploy a full web application, not only coding.

How does it work?

Regular joint work

We will meet online on a regular schedule for multiple hours per week. This ensures actual progress and gives you the kick in the a** you might need.

Full project

We will finish a full project, from beginning to end. Overall this will take around 3 months with a Christmas break in between.

Only for the dedicated

We hold each other responsible for learning. Everyone on the team is highly motivated and we will learn from each other.

Join the team

Who am I?

Daniel Bartholomae

Wrote his first code at the age of six and built product and dev teams for multiple companies since then. Running multiple events where developers practice their craft, especially around mob-programming and test driven design.
University studies in AI, machine-learning and multi-agent system.


Is this really free?

Yes. The learnings from this project might be used for a paid course in the future, but the project itself is free.

Can I add the project to my portfolio?

Of course! In addition to your learnings, you can also add the actual open-source codebase to your CV.

How long will this take?

Creating a full web application takes time. The goal is to finish the project in 6-8 sessions, each of them 4 hours long.

What prior knowledge do I need?

You should either bring experience working in a product team, or coding experience at a level that is typically obtained from a boot-camp or a couple of months of self-training.

Want to take part in this experiment?

Only a few spots remaining, so please only join if you have the time to see this through.

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